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Your body is divine.


I'll show you how to reconnect with your body, live authentically, and attract more beauty and pleasure in your life. Through yoga and meditation, we can better connect with our inner wisdom, so we can approach life with playfulness, strength, and compassion.


Let's reveal the happiest, healthiest, and most authentic version of you!





Yoga is not just an exercise for your physical body, it’s an exercise for your mind and spirit as well. Classes are friendly, playful, and unpretentious. I am available to instruct in Arlington, Lexington, Concord, Winchester, Belmont and surrounding areas. 


Group Classes

Join me for a fun, athletic, class with great music & people. Each class includes a brief meditation, creative sequence, hands-on assists, and savasana. You'll leave class feeling energized and inspired.  I teach vinyasa, goddess, and family group classes. Check out my schedule here. 

Private Coaching

Private yoga classes take place in your home or gym. We'll work to achieve your specific objectives, whether it is alignment-focused, injury prevention, or you want to deepen your practice. Private classes also provide an excellent opportunity to go deeper into yogic philosophy and meditation. Contact me to learn more

Small Groups or Events

Let's create a custom yoga class with your group to cultivate fitness, fun, and peace of mind. We can theme the class based on the group and objectives. Custom classes are great for birthday parties, bridal showers, and even book clubs. The group can enjoy wine, fresh juice, or snacks after the class. Contact me to learn more


Awaken the divine in this playful and contemplative vinyasa class or workshop. We'll learn about and take inspiration from ancient goddesses. Postures will enable you to reconnect with your body and meditations will calm your mind.

Classes are 75 minutes and will include breath work, a whole body yoga sequence, restoration,  meditation, and an extended savasana. You will also find hands-on assists, candle light, rejuvenating scents, and inspiring music. 


"Maybe the most important teaching is to lighten up and relax."

Pema Chödrön

Your yoga practice is not about achieving the perfect posture or mastering a complicated pose. It's about reconnecting with your body and breath. Throughout the class, we maintain our focus and composure, even in uncomfortable positions -- just like life. The mat is our training ground for how we cope and interact with the world throughout our day. With continued practice, there will be more peace, space, and clarity both on and off the mat.




You can contact me by giving me a call at 617.283.4999 or sending an email to mindbodylisacastro@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you.


May you be happy. May you be healthy.
May you be safe. May you live with ease.


With loving kindness,



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